• In Depth Lighting  & Energy Audits

  • Full Lighting analysis and consultation with photo-metric layouts

  • Upgrade/replace current fixtures and design build

  • Detailed payback analysis

  • Lighting Controls Systems

  • Solar lighting solutions   

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  • Over 20 years lighting experience

  • Lighting Audit,  detailed layouts and financial payback analysis. 

  • Up to date on the latest lighting products and technologies from a wide array of manufacturers.

  • From complete design build to replacing or retrofitting existing fixtures, we have you covered.

  • Assist with identifying  and applying for available utility rebates

  • Please feel free to contact me directly to schedule a visit to your facility. 


Lighting Certified, Dedicated  lighting resource from CED for  all of your lighting needs. 

Advantages of LED VS. Fluorescent

Longer Life– Lower Maintenance

  • LED life up to 100,000+ Maintenance free hours

    • Fluorescent average of 20,000 hrs

    • HID average 10,000-20,000 hrs

  • Eliminates 3-5 trips to the fixture with costs of  lifts, bucket trucks and lamps & ballasts.

Energy savings

  • Up to 70% savings vs. HID

  • Up to 40% savings vs. Fluorescent

Better Lighting quality

  • Crisp uniform lighting eliminates hot spots and dark areas

  • Higher maintained light levels  

Lighting control options 

  • Dimming and Daylight harvesting

Cold weather friendly 

  • Quick start up and no loss of light

Environmentally Friendly 

  • No Mercury, no lamp disposal

Utility rebates available in many areas